Healing heart, mind, and body.

We understand what it is like to feel alone, unheard and misunderstood. We see the impact that mental health conditions have on our communities, and the new facility is our response to that need.

Despite the significant efforts of hospitals and therapy centers in our region, mental healthcare resources have been difficult for a lot of people in our communities to gain access to. The availability of hospital beds, high costs of healthcare and access to skilled professionals have long been a challenge for families and individuals struggling with mental health conditions. Our goal is to help fill some of that need in our area and across the nation by combining an inpatient hospital unit with outpatient treatment and education in the same facility.

Jonas Hill sits on the Caldwell Memorial Hospital campus. The parcel of land was generously donated to the hospital by the Jonas family and was a place where the community could come and enjoy being together, sledding and having fun. It is this spirit that the staff at Jonas Hill want to continue – a community-minded spirit of generosity, hope, health and healing in a beautiful environment.

Our Shared Vision:

Our brand promise

We will serve people in our community living with mental health conditions and their families.

We will provide hope, treatment, and healing. We will offer a holistic program of evidence-based psychiatric treatment, team-based medical care, and education provided by engaging and dedicated professionals in a safe and healing environment.
We will develop a transformative, clinically integrated, sustained system of high-quality patient and family centered care to serve the mental health needs of patients, families, and our community. Working collaboratively with our local mental health partners, we will achieve the goal of making mental healthcare as routine, accessible, and understandable as physical healthcare.

The Facility:

Designed for Healing

Jonas Hill Hospital and Clinic is a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital located on the same campus in Lenoir, North Carolina specializing in the treatment and care of patients with mental health conditions.

Jonas Hill has 27 beds for adult inpatient psychiatric hospitalization and an outpatient psychiatric clinic – a unique combination of services that allows us to provide robust mental health resources for our community including in-hospital care, education and outpatient treatment. The facilities’ innovative design features unique, open concept architecture with high ceilings and barrier-free spaces filled with natural light to eliminate confined spaces and encourage interaction between staff and patients during inpatient stays. Whether an individual is in crisis or wants to improve skills to manage everyday life, Jonas Hill can help meet the need.

Jonas Hill Hospital
Jonas Hill Hospital
Safety and Security

Safety for both patients and staff is our top priority and every detail is carefully considered to achieve a secure, nurturing environment that respects the wellbeing of everyone who occupies the space. The common areas of the unit are monitored by video to ensure security for patients and others. Special care is taken to protect our patients’ privacy during examination and treatment. The new inpatient psychiatric unit is comprised of 13 private and 7 semi-private rooms with all furniture and utilities designed to prevent harm to self or others.

Healing Spaces

The facility boasts a large outdoor garden with a walking track, music therapy and space for yoga or exercise. Step outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, or use the designated relaxation room to listen to music or meditate.

Jonas Hill Hospital
Jonas Hill Outpatient Clinic
Compassionate Support

Our Outpatient Clinic houses behavioral health providers that offer psychiatric diagnosis review, medication management, individual and group therapy, family advocacy, and community education.

Jonas Hill Hospital
The Team at Jonas Hill
Dedicated to Exceptional Patient Care

Our team of highly skilled specialists are committed to providing knowledgeable and empathetic care during inpatient stays or outpatient sessions.

We realize the importance of knowing who you will be working with. We’re proud to introduce each of our staff members and tell you a little bit about them.

Christyn Grant, MSW LCSW
Christyn Grant, MSW LCSW

Director of Behavioral Health, Jonas Hill Hospital & Clinic

Lorie Berry
Lorie Berry

Practice Manager, Jonas Hill Clinic

Dr. Holly McNew
Dr. Holly NcNew

Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Inpatient Team

Dr. Jimmy Chen
Dr. Jimmy Chen

Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Outpatient Team

Greta Mikus, LMFT
Greta Mikus

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Outpatient Team

Sara Christenbury, LMFT
Sara Christenbury

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Outpatient Team

Heather Greene
Heather Greene

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist

Crystal Young, PMHNP
Crystal Young

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Outpatient Team

Crystal Young, PMHNP
Amanda Franks

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Outpatient Team

Lorie Berry
Jaimi Jones

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Associate

Brittany Cochran, RMA
Chasity Williams

Registered Medical Assistant, Outpatient Team

Nicole Sherrill
Nicole Sherrill

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jonas Hill Hospital

Building stronger communities together

Jonas Hill Hospital and Clinic is a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital. We serve as the psychiatric unit for the hospital and shares resources to ensure you receive exceptional care. We have also partnered with UNC Health to strengthen our offerings, provide advanced technology, and give you access to high quality, cost-effective care by excellent doctors.


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