Unique Ways to Bring Healing

Alternative Therapies Available to Hospital Patients

Jonas Hill Hospital in Lenoir, North Carolina offers alternative therapies to supplement traditional types of therapy. These include music therapy, art therapy and pet therapy.

The expert care team at Jonas Hill provide advanced, innovative therapies designed to relieve troubling symptoms and promote holistic recovery. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so we’ll work with you to assess how to best meet your individual needs. Types of therapy may include traditional methods like cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy, or alternative therapies such as music therapy, art therapy or pet therapy. Our therapists have years of experience and are skilled at helping people identify and process emotions, set goals and make positive changes in their lives.

Pet Therapy

Animals as Healers at Jonas Hill Hospital

Our Pet Therapy program delivers support and companionship for patients at Jonas Hill Hospital. The purpose of this program is to provide patients and staff the opportunity to interact with animals and reduce stress associated with hospitalization and medical intervention.

Meet Tara

Tara is an 8 year old Labrador retriever who is assigned to visit our Jonas Hill Hospital inpatient unit. Along with Tara’s owner, Barbara Bush, they are volunteer members of our Caldwell Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Team. We celebrate Tara’s birthday on March 17th.

When interacting with animals, patients can forget about their worries for a little while and focus on the present moment. In addition, the presence of animals has been shown to lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety levels. The simple act of petting an animal releases serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin. These hormones can play a part in elevating moods. Pet therapy also provides comfort, reduces loneliness and can help people ease into the therapy process.


The pet therapy program at Jonas Hill Hospital is staffed by volunteer dog handlers who have undergone a training process that includes a background check, an orientation to hospital procedures and complete obedience training for their dogs. All of our pet therapy dogs are friendly, well-behaved and up-to-date on their vaccinations. If you are interested in participating in the Pet Therapy program at Jonas Hill Hospital, please contact the Volunteer Services office.

Recreational Therapy

The Healing Power of Music and Art

Music has the power to influence how we feel and behave, and evidence shows that music can positively impact the symptoms of several psychiatric diagnoses.
Recreational Therapy

Music therapy can help the whole person — psychologically, emotionally and physically. Music can help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, help communication, self-reflection (observing how you feel and think) and self-regulation.


During music therapy you might create music, listen, sing or play an instrument. Since adding musical instruments to the inpatient unit, there have been several positive observations from the recreational therapists. From seeing a withdrawn patient singing and dancing to having patients express emotions through songs and instruments, patients feel more comfortable overall. There have been several testaments from patients that support the benefits of music as a part of the healing process. Other observed outcomes of having instruments on the inpatient unit include improved outlets for frustration and stress, re-engaging in or learning new healthy/sober leisure activities, improved motivation to treatment, decreased anxiety and decreased isolation.

Art Therapy
Our patients often explore thoughts and emotions through art therapy during their stay with us. We are privileged to share some of the artwork they have created here.
Patient Art Gallery

Art therapy is a type of psychological treatment that uses art as a means of expression and communication. It can be an effective way for patients to explore their innermost thoughts and emotions, and to develop new insight and understanding into their behaviors and feelings. Group art sessions may feature drawing, painting, collage building or working with clay. Regardless of the art medium the goal is for patients to foster a sense of personal well-being and connecting with their therapist. The artwork created can also help the therapists understand the inner lives of their patients. Other benefits of art therapy include learning coping mechanisms for stress and traumatic experiences, facilitating identity formation and improved self-esteem, and increasing awareness of self and others.

Stellar nurses who really connect with the healing intention of Jonas Hill. Kelly really made us feel heard.

- Patient Testimonial

Payment Options
Cash payment and insurance accepted

We accept most insurances that provide for behavioral health service coverages.


For inpatient hospitalization Jonas Hill will accept insurance:


  • • Which offers benefit coverage that includes behavioral health services.
  • • Jonas Hill will verify and secure authorization for services while at the inpatient facility.

For Medical Professionals

Inpatient Hospital patient referrals

Emergency Room doctors, Social Workers and other medical professionals can refer patients to our hospital unit by contacting our intake department at 828-394-6728 or 828-394-6722 (during evening and weekend hours). Following your referral we will provide you with patient status updates and support from initial contact to discharge.

All admissions must go through our intake team. The staff member on duty will provide all necessary information for admission, or resources for outpatient care if short-term hospitalization is not recommended. To be admitted patients must be medically stable.