Behavioral Health Assessments: What to Expect

While behavioral health assessments are the first step to gaining mental health support, the assessment process may be a source of stress in itself. However, it doesn’t need to be. An assessment is simply used to determine how best to serve your needs and goals regarding mental health and potentially substance use. Jonas Hill offers different levels of care to match your needs, and the assessment shows our team where to start.

How Do Behavioral Health Assessments Work?

Previously known as a comprehensive clinical assessment (CCA), a behavioral health assessment guides a mental health professional regarding your care. Rather than providing a final diagnosis, it helps the clinician identify qualifying diagnoses for further evaluation and rule out other diagnoses.

Also, the behavioral health assessment guides the development of an appropriate treatment plan, as the clinician uses a client’s therapy goals to direct their future treatment. This means that a behavioral health assessment is an important step that helps your clinician understand what you want to gain from treatment and how to help you in the best way possible.

What to Expect During a Behavioral Health Assessment

During the assessment process, one of our clinicians will ask you questions and perform examinations. This may seem daunting, but it simply gives us a chance to get to know you and what you’re going through. Our goal is to involve you in the process of creating your own treatment plan.

Here are steps to expect from your clinician:

  • Questions on your current therapeutic needs and wants
  • Questions about the onset of your mental health experiences and past treatment
  • A comprehensive overview of your history, including education/employment, family, trauma, medical and developmental
  • A screening for depression and anxiety

Start an Assessment at Jonas Hill

An assessment with a member of our team at Jonas Hill helps determine whether inpatient or outpatient services are better suited to your current needs. Our inpatient services offer short-term crisis stabilization for a mental illness, including if there is a co-occurring substance use disorder. Our outpatient clinic includes assessments, medication management, and various forms of therapy, education, and support.

In either situation, your team will include well-trained professionals, and your care will take place in a safe and welcoming environment. An assessment is the first step, during which you can learn more about what to expect from treatment with us. Reach out to us at Jonas Hill, where you are heard, and we can help with your current needs and treatment goals.

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