Signs You Are Coping With a Mood Disorder

While they can cause a significant amount of trouble in one’s life, mood disorders can be a tricky thing to recognize. Often, we don’t recognize the signs right away because we assume our feelings are caused by something normal. Depression, for example, is frequently confused with being just sad or fatigued. The truth is that mood disorders are more common than you might think and the way they affect your feelings can be both powerful and difficult to manage. If you notice you or someone else seems to have consistently low energy, a lack of appetite, a general feeling of being bummed all the time, or other concerning signs, it may be more than just a temporary mood. It may in fact be a mood disorder.

Signs & Symptoms of Mood Disorder

There are several kinds of mood disorders, each with their own unique symptoms, complications, and treatment methods. What they all have in common is that they cause serious uncontrollable changes in a person’s mood. These changes can be abrupt, they may alternate in cycles, or they may persist through an indeterminate length of time. What really distinguishes these changes is that they disrupt a person’s ability to function on an emotional level. They may interfere with work, relationships, or everyday health and wellbeing. This can manifest as depression, anxiety, irritability, aggression, and/or apathy, to name a few.

Taking Advantage of Mental Health Resources

Mental health has changed dramatically within the last 20 years. Whereas legitimate help and information were once difficult to come by, there are now a range of genuinely helpful resources available to almost everyone. Online support, education, and communities that focus on mood disorders are numerous and can be immensely beneficial. Making the most of them is a fantastic way to keep yourself and others safe and well-informed.

Online Resources Are Available

One of the many advantages of using your online resources is that you can research your own symptoms and get a clearer picture of your diagnosis. Often, this gives people a better understanding of their disorder, what coping mechanisms are healthy, and what they can do to improve their condition. Another advantage is that you can find comprehensive treatment programs that are suited to your specific needs.

Educate Yourself & Take A Proactive Approach

When you understand that you have a problem, the best thing you can do is be proactive. In this case, you can ensure your safety and that of others by taking the necessary steps to get the help you need. There are always services available to help you manage your disorder and get professional treatment, should you need it.

When Should You Find A Mood Disorder Treatment Center?

Mental health treatment is available for every kind of mood disorder. While some are able to find help and manage their disorder without going to a treatment center, others may face severe consequences without the kind of help these centers provide. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should seek professional help as soon as possible.

  • Suicidal Thoughts or Feelings
  • Self Harm or Neglect
  • Being Unable To Get Out of Bed
  • Missing Work For Days Because Of Your Symptoms
  • Personal Relationships are Deteriorating
  • On The Verge Or Have Become Homeless Because Of Symptoms

Jonas Hill Hospital is a state-of-the-art, barrier-free mental health treatment facility that offers professional help for people struggling with a mood disorder. If you or someone you know is experiencing a severe disruption or threat to their wellbeing because of a mood disorder, we can help Please don’t hesitate to contact us here for more information and to discuss treatment options.


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