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Why You Should Not Ignore Your Mental Health

Mental health is often ignored or pushed to the side. This can be due to a lack of knowledge or understanding about mental health, the stigma that surrounds it or feeling like you should be able to take care of yourself. However, ignoring your mental health can have serious consequences. In this post, we’ll discuss […]

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6 Self-Care Tips For Summer

Summertime is often a time when people feel carefree and happy. For those who are struggling with depression, however, summer can be a difficult time. The days are longer and the weather is nicer, which can make it harder to stick to your usual routine and coping mechanisms. If you’re struggling with depression, here are […]

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Mental Health Tips to Boost Your Spirit

Many people experience seasons of doldrums and depression. During these times, even some simple acts can help your mental health. Whether you’re feeling down or simply want to feel a little better, use these mental health tips to boost your spirit this season. Develop Positive Daily Habits Many things in life are the result of […]

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