You Are Heard Here

When it comes to finding professional help for mental health issues, too often we find families struggling to find someone to talk to, and be heard. Even in areas where there are a variety of high-quality resources available, there are still many people who find it difficult to make use of them. This was the huge gap for mental illness in our community that led to the creation of Jonas Hill Hospital. Our mission at Jonas Hill Hospital is to address this issue by creating a new standard of dignity in mental healthcare. Our new facility combines inpatient hospital services, outpatient treatment opening in 2021, and education resources. It’s a state-of-the-art facility, designed for safety and healing. 

The Mission at Jonas Hill Hospital 

Above all, we’re dedicated to serving the people in our community who have mental health issues and their families. This includes providing safe, dignified and integrated care for those with acute mental health needs as well as support for their family members and loved ones. Our holistic program focuses on evidence-based psychiatric treatment, team-based medical care, and education through engaged and dedicated professionals in a safe healing environment. By working together with families, the community, and other local mental health providers, our goal is to make mental health as routine, accessible, and understandable as physical healthcare.

Our new facility, which is a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital, will offer both inpatient psychiatric hospitalization and outpatient psychiatric treatment. This unique combination allows us to offer a more comprehensive selection of mental health services to meet our community’s needs, and it allows us to provide more robust educational resources as well as at-home and in-hospital care. We’re a barrier-free facility that does our utmost to encourage interaction between staff and patients, and make it as simple as possible for patients to feel comfortable and communicate freely with their loved ones. 

You Are Heard Here

For those with mental health issues, it can be a challenge just to understand what they’re going through and know where to turn when things get rough. Even in the best of circumstances, there are too many people who don’t get access to the kind of knowledge and care that can help them when they need it. This is a problem, not just for individuals, but for families and entire communities. When people with mental health needs go without the help that could make a difference in their quality of life, those around them may also face significant challenges as a result. Part of what we’re trying to do at Jonas Hill Hospital is step in where other mental health services haven’t been, to give people the opportunity to learn and heal who may have been left out or who didn’t know where to turn. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health concerns, there is a place for you to find help. We’re here for you, and we’re listening.  

Jonas Hill Hospital

Regardless if you’ve dealt with mental health problems throughout your life or they’re completely new to you, you should never hesitate to seek help. At Jonas Hill Hospital, we’re here to do everything we can to help you understand these issues, address your unique concerns as an individual, and provide the most comprehensive individualized care for your unique needs. For more information about mental health, Jonas Hill Hospital, and to discuss treatment, please don’t hesitate to call us today. You are heard here.


Jonas Hill Hospital & Clinic a division of Caldwell Memorial Hospital provides our community with safe, dignified and integrated care for patients experiencing an acute mental health need. We provide hope, treatment, and healing through a holistic program of evidence-based psychiatric treatment, team-based medical care, and education provided by engaging and dedicated professionals in a safe and healing environment. Contact Jonas Hill Hospital and Clinic today at (828) 394-6722 for more information.